A Slow Week

This week is heading for a slow week. We’ve decided that we’ll finally finish off the master bathroom. I have a few ‘courtesy’ days off so Im going to try and take advantage of it and get some things around the house done.

We’ve still not had any rain and January turned out to be the driest month ever in California’s recorded history – just .07 inches of rain. Hopefully we’ll get pounded in February and March as we are in desperate need of water. That being said, the weather is perfect for being outside!

Today is a big day in American sports TV – it is SuperBowl Sunday. The day when the two football team finalists from two different leagues (I think the east and west but I could be wrong) play for the trophy. Most people use it as an excuse to have a party, eat and drink and watch what have traditionally become funny TV commercials. We may join in 😉

That’s it for this entry… I’m going to watch the rest of the Spurs vs Man Utd game (in the hope Utd slip up of course -especially after Arsenal failed to finish off Middlesborough yesterday).