Doh! A Year Flew By…

How did that happen? I figured it out – it was that good intentions stuff that I was going on about. I just knew nothing was going to change. But here’s the funny part, SuperBowl Sunday is on the horizon again.

We’ve been invited to Michelle and Denny’s place except that Michelle (who did the invite) still doesn’t know what the plans are. Should be interesting!

So things have changed since last year. I started full time with TellX in December. It manages to consume every hour that I have in the wide awake land, but the work is generally good fun. Unfortunately I can’t talk too much about it for the obvious reasons, but as soon as I can I’ll let you all know more about it.

The biggest problem of the job is the travel to the Bay Area though. It’s a long, long haul down to the Bay at some ungodly hour in the morning, then trying to stay cognizant of your surroundings during the meetings, then hauling it back to Folsom again.

Ironically I get so much more actual work done when I don’t go into the Bay Area – but some people think that physical presence means more than productivity. Oh well.