Today We Lost a Friend an Uncle

It’s strange when the weather reflects the mood and today it reflected the sadness of the occasion.

The cold chilling wind brought with it the sadness that only a winter’s rainfall and a sorrow in the voice of the telephone call could.

Bryan called at 7am and broke the news to his Mum that his uncle Tim had passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on Sunday night. It’s not often that I need to wake Myke and this wasn’t one of the better reasons but shortly before 8.30 I let him know. He took it well as he always does.

It didn’t really hit Deb until later that day and the sadness and pain was obvious.

I’ve only met TIm a couple of times and he was a wonderful human being with a caring spirit and a great dad to his kids.

Debby has known him for over 30 years and today was rough.

We lost a friend today. The boys lost an uncle. Sheryl lost a husband and father to their kids.

We will miss him.