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Living A Knitted Life

An older woman sat opposite me at my table on the train tonight. She was, I’m guessing, a pleasant woman. I overheard a very brief part of her conversation with someone – she seemed caring and compassionate to whoever she was talking to. But it wasn’t her in particular that got me thinking, but more […]

Single Serving Friends

I’ve discovered a new place to write my blogs when I’m trying to kill some time – aboard the Amtrak Capitol Corridor train from the Bay Area to Sacramento. For those that aren’t in the know I commute to the Bay Area every Monday. It turns out to be a long slow day beginning at […]

Lights, Camera, Action…

A week of working on a new hot movie and the feedback is great. The latest work was something I had to throw together for a meeting with one of the studios. It’s probably going to be presented next week, but so far the reaction from everyone internally has been great. What I hate about […]

The Flu Sucks

Debby and I have been down and out for the count all week. I was in the Bay Area Monday and was managing to hold on throughout the day despite the constant coughing. Debby had been working hard all weekend and on Monday began to fade quickly. I got home Monday night and Debby was […]

In Loving Memory

It’s strange how a funeral gets to you even when you’re not that close to someone. I’ve only ever met Tim a few times and, sadly, the last time we met was at the hospital bedside of Myke and Bryan’s grandmother a day before she passed. The sadness of the occasion gets to you, It […]