In Loving Memory

It’s strange how a funeral gets to you even when you’re not that close to someone. I’ve only ever met Tim a few times and, sadly, the last time we met was at the hospital bedside of Myke and Bryan’s grandmother a day before she passed.

The sadness of the occasion gets to you, It makes you realize just how much one person can touch the lives of so many others.

Tim’s funeral brought out an amazing number of people. For an hour and a half family and friends told stories of Tim in his best and, at times, in some of his most embarrassing moments.

In some ways it is sad that a man’s life gets condensed into such a short fragment of time. But in a polar opposite sense it shows how many lives he had touched in the 54 years he was with us.

One part of Myke’s eulogy to Tim stood out in my my mind and I don’t think it could be better said.

“Some people think that a man is measured by what he has.
Some think it is what he does. Some think it is how much he is loved, and they are only a little closer to the truth.

I know that Tim was a great man. It wasn’t because of what he had, but what he did with it. How he provided for those he loved, and tried to make some small difference in the world around him.”

I didn’t know TIm that well, but I know I’ll miss him for the small part of my life that he touched. I also know that he will be deeply missed, but eternally remembered by the fiends and family that truly lost a great man.

Rest in peace Tim.