The Flu Sucks

Debby and I have been down and out for the count all week. I was in the Bay Area Monday and was managing to hold on throughout the day despite the constant coughing. Debby had been working hard all weekend and on Monday began to fade quickly.

I got home Monday night and Debby was already in bed with a fever running 102.8. That night I broke out in a fever and woke up the next morning with a 101.6. It got worse. Yesterday was my worst day from a fever perspective, Debby still has hers.

I think I’m finally on the mend as my fever is now down in the 101 zone again after a high of 103.5. The coughing is still there and I’ve still got fever chills. Debby is a little worse off but she’s also heading in the right direction.

The bottom line is that the flu sucks. The only good side is that we both git hit with it at the same time.

Now it’s time to go back to bed…