Curse Those Crossings!

What is it with these darn trains? All I seem to get a chance to write about is the stupid trip to and from Sacramento.

We should call the “The Amtrak Log”.

I stood on the platform waiting for a train that would never come this morning. Mike dropped me at Great America train station. We thought I was going to miss the train because of the unusually heavy traffic.

We figured it was all haywire because the clocks bounced forward an hour Saturday night (or is that Sunday morning). Who knows – we just thought I would miss the train. Not so.

The train usually arrives between 07.15 and 07.20. By 07:23 the automated attending was announcing in it’s dull female voice the expected arrival.

“Train 521 will arrive at 7:23 am”. Then one minute later “Train 521 will arrive at 7:24 am”. Then another minute passes “Train 521 will arrive at 7:25 am”. You get the idea. The train that would never arrive.

I hiked up the stairs to the bridge over the platform and jumped on the light-rail which took me to Mountain View. Not bad for a $1.75.

My day in the office was typical. Quiet, slow, in my opinion a relative waste of valuable work time. But then what do I know right?

It was the evening commute where everything went to hell in a hand-basket. The Amtrak train that was to be the 17:50 home was, get this, just arriving in San Jose after leaving Sacramento at 10:10. It should have been in San Jose around 13:00!

Needless to say that was the start of a long, long ride home.

Apparently a freight train had managed to derail itself somewhere between Martinez and Richmond. And just to complicate issues a care driver had decided that a few thousand tons of commuter train was no match for his Toyota Prius Hybrid. After all, it’s a hybrid. Well now it’s definitely in two pieces. How’s that for hybrid.

Luckily for the driver they weren’t seriously injured and neither was anyone else. But man did it set back my commute by an hour or two,

The journey was a long trip home, but to see my smiling wife pick me up at the station made it all worth it. 🙂

So here’s my advice for this week. Your Prius (or Mini or Hummer or whatever) won’t win in a showdown with a train. Especially not a big lumbering Amtrak train. Even if it does only do 20 mph or whatever it does.