I’ve Seen Angels!

Yep – you heard it right here. I’ve seen angels! The blue ones of course. Not that they are a match for the Red Arrows, but we’ll give them a little credit for some of their skills. Or as we’d say on the football field “Mad Skillz”.

It was a good, but busy week this week. Debby is well under way with Escrow Monkey and is really excited about it’s prospects. I’ve been working on the web site in my off-time and it is coming together very well.

Debby would like to make the site live some time in early April. It’s a tough goal but if everything comes together and I manage to get enough done on the weekend I think it’s pretty realistic. I’ll let you know when the site goes live so you can check it out. You won’t be able to do any of the transaction stuff of course because you would ned to sign up and pay – unless you want to pay of course 🙂

Saturday night was a PD patrol night for me. Not much happened (which is the way it usually is) but it was productive. I really don’t like the current vehicle I get assigned – it’s rickety, squeeks and rattles. The power steering pump sounds like it’s about to go any second and the fuel pump – well, let’s just leave it at that. It beats walking though! I shouldn’t complain too much. It would be kind of tough covering a whole city on foot.

After Debby and I had breakfast and discussed Escrow Monkey strategy Sunday morning, I left to play in our Sunday League football game.

There’s lots wrong with this next picture I’m about to paint for you. The team name. It’s Celtic Old Boys. Hmm – ‘nuff said. Oh – and we wear green hoops. Now enough said.

We started out good and were 1 up by half time. Unfortunately there was a 100 mph wind blowing against us in the second half and the field was as big as a small country. OK – so that might be a small exaggeration, but it was windy and the field was big.

They managed to grab an equalizer about mid-way through the second half. Which sucks on so many levels, but it was inevitable. I’m sure that the referee being paid $50 by the opposition didn’t help our cause. OK – so maybe he wasn’t, but it sounds plausible.

The net result was that we ended up in a tie, Only one thing to do when the team ties. Go to the pub, Oh hang on – as Debby would say “you go to the pub to celebrate a win, you go to the pub to ponder a loss, why not go to analyze a draw?” Good point Deb.

On the way home Mike and I were fortunate enough to see the Blue Angel’s doing their acrobatic stuff at the Capitol Airshow – half of it right over the freeway on the way home! Very, very cool. Very, very loud. So yes, I’ve seen Angels. Quite a few times now (check out the pics of last year’s Capitol Airshow in my Gallery where the Thunderbirds showed off their stuff)

So the advice this week? Win, lose or draw – go to the pub.

Catch you on the flip side of the weekend.