Debby’s My Hero

There are a whole bunch of super-hero movies coming out this summer. Some of them look pretty good and I’m sure they will all be action-packed, adrenaline-pumping and all the other metaphors that the movie critics throw at them. Kids will be demanding their parents to go and see them because “they are heros”.

The only movie my hero has starred in is her own movie of life. You don’t need to go any further than that for adrenaline -pumping action-packed stories – trust me!

Last week was a tough week for Debby. The week after she was diagnosed in 2006 she ‘bumped’ a car in front of her. It really was only a small bump. Probably nothing more than 2 mph. When she knocked on the window of the car in front of her, the driver was unaware that anything had even happened. Well last week the other driver (over two years later) filed a claim in small claims court for medical injuries and damages. As you can appreciate we’re going to fight it. It sucks on every level and it’s another curve-ball out of left-field (that’s a baseball metaphor I’ve learned. Took me 12 years – but I’m there!).

That brings me to my subject. In all the years I have known Debby I don’t think she has ever said “life’s not fair” or “how come this happens to me”. She lives life another way. She gets up, dusts herself down and says “OK, let’s go!” There’s no such thing as the life of hard knocks with her. There’s just life!

Towards the end of the week she was feeling some pain and needed to take some pain killers to take the edge off. She doesn’t like doing it. She feels it’s giving in. It’s not and sometimes you have to kill the pain. Despite this, it still didn’t stop her. She kept pushing, enjoying life. She kept getting up with the daylight and pushing through the day.

We had a fantastic weekend that, for some reason, seemed longer than they usually do and we very much appreciated every minute of it.

Today she had her injection that she gets every three weeks. I haven’t seen her since I left this morning at 5 am, but I’ve talked to her a couple of times on the phone and I know she’s hurting. Unfortunately the injection can sometimes really hurt because of the thickness of the fluid used and the size of the needle required.

Today is one of those days. She didn’t need to tell me so. I just know. I can tell it in her voice. If I was there I would be able to see it in her eyes. But she continues to fight and push on. She buried her head in her work and talked of the things that she wants to do and of the fun we had this weekend.

It’s hard to appreciate how much she goes through every day. I know a lot of it because I’m there much of the time. Most days are great, but some days are hard. She doesn’t let it show.

I know that sometimes she’s scared and that she worries about what could be. But she doesn’t need to. She’s a rock. And she’s my hero. And hero’s always come out on top. And her belief alone is enough to triumph over anything she needs to.

Most kids only ever dream of meeting their hero’s. I married mine and get to spend every day with her. I get to go home to my hero when I travel.

Who could ask for more?

Here’s to my hero!