Supermarket Drivers

So here’s a generalization if ever there were one. People drive like they walk. Seriously. You’ll see this next time you’re in the supermarket or at a crowded place. People really do drive like they walk.

Today Mike was out of town so it was take the train or ride the bike to the Bay Area. I like the idea of taking the train and not having to deal with the idiots – although as you’ll notice from a previous post some of them still manage to get in the way. But I get an extra hour and half in bed if I take the bike – and that’s appealing on so many levels. So I rode down.

For those of you that have never ridden a motorcycle, you get a very different perspective of the road on a bike. You sit pretty high to begin with on my bike so your vision of the road is better than most car drivers. You also have no obstruction to your view so you tend to see more in every direction. You also hear a lot more on a bike (which includes the wind noise!). You also watch the traffic more on a bike – you need to. And this is where my theory comes into play.

Next time you are in a supermarket shopping just stand and watch the people navigating around each other. Two shoppers will be walking down the aisle, one behind another and the one in front stops – suddenly, to look at something on the shelf. Amazingly the shopper following almost walks into the first only avoiding an ‘accident’ by taking sudden evasive action. Sound familiar? Suddenly seems very real doesn’t it?

You are in a crowded shopping center or rock concert. Everyone is pretty much trying to go in the same direction yet amazingly they are all backed up – some of them looking for a quicker way through. The path that nobody has seen down the inside lane or down a ramp and back up the other side just to get 15 feet in front. Sound familiar?

People drive like they walk. They must do. They are the same people, they think the same way (or don’t as the case may be). When they are in their cars they are acting the same as when they are shopping.

An accident occurs somewhere on the freeway and everyone slows to look. It’s a natural reaction but they do it without thinking about the shopper behind them.

A crowd slowly moves towards the exit doors after leaving a movie and suddenly a family is walking down the inside track – looking for the fastest lane.

People drive like they walk. Maybe we should be more careful and courteous when we walk.