Happy New Year!

A moment of celebration as the human race manages to pass another milestone. January 1 2009.

It’s kind of weird being at the back end of the celebrations. We get to see the rest of the world celebrating the changing of the year hour by hour as the day passes. First New Zealand and Australia, closely followed by Asia. As the eternal clock of time pushes onwards 2009 is welcomed by Russia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Americans cover the news on the hour with a new firework display going off over some major metropolitan region. Moscow seemed pretty impressive as the Russians engaged in the biggest celebration of their year.

2009 made it’s entrance into England 8 hours ahead of us. Of course we celebrated the English New Year as we always do – by raising a glass (or two or three) at the Streets of London dead on 4 pm – the stroke of midnight in England.

We cherish the friends and family we have with us and drink to those that are thousands of miles away.

Despite the distance, we are all celebrating together the achievement of unity. A time when the world really does move as one with one single purpose – to get through the night and begin fresh a new day, a new month, a new year.

Happy New Year to you all, but most importantly to my friends and family and especially those that I love so dearly but I can;t be with tonight.

One day we’ll do this all together in the same place. One day soon.

Happy New Year. And welcome to 2009!