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Living Is Precious…

I think we spend too much time living our lives to actually take the time to live our lives. I know that probably sounds like a phrase that should end with “what the hell is he going on about?”, but I’ll get there. This morning I woke up at 3 am in order that I […]

Debby’s My Hero

There are a whole bunch of super-hero movies coming out this summer. Some of them look pretty good and I’m sure they will all be action-packed, adrenaline-pumping and all the other metaphors that the movie critics throw at them. Kids will be demanding their parents to go and see them because “they are heros”. The […]

14,235 (Plus 1)

I’m another day older and 364 days from hitting another milestone. It actually happened yesterday on the calendar. I was playing football for the first part of my day. To any North American brethren reading this, I’m referring to the real football, not the football where you use your hands and an excess of shoulder […]

Living A Knitted Life

An older woman sat opposite me at my table on the train tonight. She was, I’m guessing, a pleasant woman. I overheard a very brief part of her conversation with someone – she seemed caring and compassionate to whoever she was talking to. But it wasn’t her in particular that got me thinking, but more […]

The Flu Sucks

Debby and I have been down and out for the count all week. I was in the Bay Area Monday and was managing to hold on throughout the day despite the constant coughing. Debby had been working hard all weekend and on Monday began to fade quickly. I got home Monday night and Debby was […]