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In Loving Memory

It’s strange how a funeral gets to you even when you’re not that close to someone. I’ve only ever met Tim a few times and, sadly, the last time we met was at the hospital bedside of Myke and Bryan’s grandmother a day before she passed. The sadness of the occasion gets to you, It […]

Today We Lost a Friend an Uncle

It’s strange when the weather reflects the mood and today it reflected the sadness of the occasion. The cold chilling wind brought with it the sadness that only a winter’s rainfall and a sorrow in the voice of the telephone call could. Bryan called at 7am and broke the news to his Mum that his […]

An Awesome Day!

We got the best news of the year so far today. Unlike years past, this year is turning out to be a great start – and it will only get better. A week ago Debby had her quarterly CT scan. She has a new doctor who she really likes and today we went for the […]