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To Those Whom We Owe Our Freedom

Today is Memorial Day, the last Monday in May when the US honors those men and women who laid down their lives to protect the freedom that most people take for granted. It was originally enacted to honor the Union soldiers of the American Civil War but after World War I was significant for remembering […]

Cinco de What Now?

It’s funny how history has a way of changing. And you thought I was going to say repeating itself… I didn’t notice this before I moved to the States. It’s probably because I was partly so wrapped up in everything I was doing that I didn’t take 30 seconds to look at the world around […]

Supermarket Drivers

So here’s a generalization if ever there were one. People drive like they walk. Seriously. You’ll see this next time you’re in the supermarket or at a crowded place. People really do drive like they walk. Today Mike was out of town so it was take the train or ride the bike to the Bay […]

I’ve Seen Angels!

Yep – you heard it right here. I’ve seen angels! The blue ones of course. Not that they are a match for the Red Arrows, but we’ll give them a little credit for some of their skills. Or as we’d say on the football field “Mad Skillz”. It was a good, but busy week this […]

Curse Those Crossings!

What is it with these darn trains? All I seem to get a chance to write about is the stupid trip to and from Sacramento. We should call the “The Amtrak Log”. I stood on the platform waiting for a train that would never come this morning. Mike dropped me at Great America train station. […]