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Carbon Fiber Belt Buckles

So I was actually pondering over this a while back, but I’ve been way too workload heavy to put it down in the ether. That being said, here it is… I recently (well not so recently as it turns out) flew to Las Vegas to meet with distributors. For those that have already forgotten, the […]

Curse Those Crossings!

What is it with these darn trains? All I seem to get a chance to write about is the stupid trip to and from Sacramento. We should call the “The Amtrak Log”. I stood on the platform waiting for a train that would never come this morning. Mike dropped me at Great America train station. […]

Single Serving Friends

I’ve discovered a new place to write my blogs when I’m trying to kill some time – aboard the Amtrak Capitol Corridor train from the Bay Area to Sacramento. For those that aren’t in the know I commute to the Bay Area every Monday. It turns out to be a long slow day beginning at […]

Lights, Camera, Action…

A week of working on a new hot movie and the feedback is great. The latest work was something I had to throw together for a meeting with one of the studios. It’s probably going to be presented next week, but so far the reaction from everyone internally has been great. What I hate about […]

Doh! A Year Flew By…

How did that happen? I figured it out – it was that good intentions stuff that I was going on about. I just knew nothing was going to change. But here’s the funny part, SuperBowl Sunday is on the horizon again. We’ve been invited to Michelle and Denny’s place except that Michelle (who did the […]