Hair Is For Girls

Think about it. What do we really need hair for on our heads huh? Somebody recently asked if I’d got my hair cut – you know who you are Elaine! Well I had, three on the top and two out left some place. But it got me thinking how paranoid some guys are about not having […]

Happy New Year!

A moment of celebration as the human race manages to pass another milestone. January 1 2009. It’s kind of weird being at the back end of the celebrations. We get to see the rest of the world celebrating the changing of the year hour by hour as the day passes. First New Zealand and Australia, […]

A Billion – With A ‘B’

I don’t think many people can actually visualize how much a billion is. All too frequently the media throws around numbers that companies spend, governments borrow, industries need. 10 Billion this, 15 Billion that, 750 Billion in bailouts… It all adds up. But it’s a *lot* of money! So here’s a little enlightenment. If you […]

Out Of The Way – Coming Through

So I moved the blog. No big deal at this point. I figured I wasn’t keeping up with the posts as much as I should have been so I moved the blog from my Mac account over to Blogspot. Hopefully all the millions of visitors will now give me some incentive to keep writing… We’ll […]

Where Is My Bailout?

Capitalism at work. The demise of the free market as we know it… I haven’t really studied economics in any detail but my life experience tells me one thing about money. If accounts payable is more than accounts receivable you have a problem. A big problem. I don’t understand how the average person fails to […]