It’s a westbound Amtrak train number. It is probably representative of a whole bunch of other things too, but to me on Monday evenings it’s my ticket out of the concrete jungle and mayhem waiting to be flattened by another number – an 8.2. I don’t understand how common sense seems to go out of […]

Carbon Fiber Belt Buckles

So I was actually pondering over this a while back, but I’ve been way too workload heavy to put it down in the ether. That being said, here it is… I recently (well not so recently as it turns out) flew to Las Vegas to meet with distributors. For those that have already forgotten, the […]

Living Is Precious…

I think we spend too much time living our lives to actually take the time to live our lives. I know that probably sounds like a phrase that should end with “what the hell is he going on about?”, but I’ll get there. This morning I woke up at 3 am in order that I […]

To Those Whom We Owe Our Freedom

Today is Memorial Day, the last Monday in May when the US honors those men and women who laid down their lives to protect the freedom that most people take for granted. It was originally enacted to honor the Union soldiers of the American Civil War but after World War I was significant for remembering […]

Cinco de What Now?

It’s funny how history has a way of changing. And you thought I was going to say repeating itself… I didn’t notice this before I moved to the States. It’s probably because I was partly so wrapped up in everything I was doing that I didn’t take 30 seconds to look at the world around […]