Debby’s My Hero

There are a whole bunch of super-hero movies coming out this summer. Some of them look pretty good and I’m sure they will all be action-packed, adrenaline-pumping and all the other metaphors that the movie critics throw at them. Kids will be demanding their parents to go and see them because “they are heros”. The […]

Supermarket Drivers

So here’s a generalization if ever there were one. People drive like they walk. Seriously. You’ll see this next time you’re in the supermarket or at a crowded place. People really do drive like they walk. Today Mike was out of town so it was take the train or ride the bike to the Bay […]

14,235 (Plus 1)

I’m another day older and 364 days from hitting another milestone. It actually happened yesterday on the calendar. I was playing football for the first part of my day. To any North American brethren reading this, I’m referring to the real football, not the football where you use your hands and an excess of shoulder […]

I’ve Seen Angels!

Yep – you heard it right here. I’ve seen angels! The blue ones of course. Not that they are a match for the Red Arrows, but we’ll give them a little credit for some of their skills. Or as we’d say on the football field “Mad Skillz”. It was a good, but busy week this […]

Curse Those Crossings!

What is it with these darn trains? All I seem to get a chance to write about is the stupid trip to and from Sacramento. We should call the “The Amtrak Log”. I stood on the platform waiting for a train that would never come this morning. Mike dropped me at Great America train station. […]